Open For Business

Open-source software tools are increasing in popularity because of the multiple advantages they provide including lower software and hardware costs, lack of vendor lock-in, simpler license management and support from active communities.

A recent report from MarketsandMarkets cited ongoing migration to cloud systems and digital transformation initiatives as key drivers for open-source software adoption.

Open-source software is also critical for solution and strategic service providers. The MarketsandMarkets report concludes that the global market for professional and managed services around open-source software will grow at an 18.2 percent compound annual growth rate from $21.7 billion this year to $50.0 billion in 2026.

The Linux operating system, MySQL database and Kubernetes container platform are among the most widely used open-source software. But there is a never-ending stream of innovative open-source tools and applications that can make life easier for IT managers.

Here’s a look at cool open-source software tools that caught our attention in 2021.