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Valve has updated its Steam Hardware Survey with the latest data from November 2021. Perhaps the most interesting piece of information is that Windows 11 now accounts for 8.6% of all surveyed PCs, up from just 1.9% in October. We’ll also look at the data on the best graphics cards and best CPUs for gaming to see what else has — or hasn’t — changed.

Quick disclaimer: Valve has never fully disclosed how its sampling and data collection is done, and many have questioned its validity, but we still think the information is interesting even if we don’t have confidence intervals or margins of error.

Windows 11 Picks Up Steam

Windows 11 screen

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The biggest news for this update is that Windows 11 usage among surveyed gamers accounts for 8.3% of all PCs. That might not seem like much, but the OS has only officially been out for two months, so that’s a pretty fast uptake and more than quadruple the number of Win11 users in October. By comparison, only 2.7% of all surveyed PCs ran OSX, and 1.2% ran some flavor of Linux. Of course, Windows 11 still has a long way to go, with Windows 10 sitting at 83.4% of surveyed PCs. However, it’s now surpassed Windows 7, which sits at 3.3%.

It will also be interesting to see how these breakdowns change once the Steam Deck launches. That could cause a spike in Linux usage, but Steam Machines never made much headway, and it’s not clear how many Steam Decks have actually been sold.

Nvidia Continues to Dominate the GPU Landscape

GeForce RTX 3060

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Moving on to the graphics card breakdown, we’re going to pull the data from Steam’s API usage page, as that lets us see GPUs that account for less than 0.15% of the total. There’s plenty of fuzziness in these numbers, but we’ve elected to use the DirectX 12 figures (which, interestingly, sum up to about 90% rather than the expected 100%). That omits a lot of older Intel GPUs, which we feel is reasonable considering the number of DX12 games and how poorly those older GPUs perform. Here’s our adjusted breakdown of the numbers from the past several months.

Overall Series Popularity of GPUs on Steam for DirectX 12
RTX 30-Series 7.75% 8.97% 9.47% 11.23%
RTX 20-Series 16.11% 14.24% 13.63% 13.83%
GTX 16-Series 17.48% 17.74% 18.31% 17.46%
GTX 10-Series 26.56% 25.48% 24.98% 24.48%
GTX 900-Series 4.52% 4.55% 4.49% 4.34%
RX 6000-Series 0.43% 0.48% 0.51% 0.58%
RX 5000-Series 1.72% 1.78% 1.78% 1.76%
RX Vega (and VII) 0.82% 0.87% 0.86% 0.82%
RX 500-Series 4.60% 4.68% 4.65% 4.56%
RX 400-Series 0.78% 0.79% 0.79% 0.76%
R9 Series 0.37% 0.38% 0.40% 0.39%
Vega APU 2.55% 2.68% 2.72% 2.67%
Intel 3.92% 3.92% 3.88% 3.73%