Steam lately surveyed its consumers and has posted its updated benefits on the hardware applied by gamers on the platform. The results show that hexa-core chips have enhanced in use, replacing quad-main technologies as far more commonly applied. Also, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 reaches a larger ranking, stepping into third area in the most current results.

The latest Steam Hardware Study shows that a lot more users prefer hexa-main CPUs than the past quad-main processors. Nonetheless, the data also reveals that buyers choose processors with 6 or a lot more physical cores (34.22% of end users), while 33.74% use four cores in their gaming setups.

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Steam customers extensively made use of Quad-core processors, showing that 41.61% of buyers benefit from individuals particular CPU patterns. Moreover, octa-core processors have recently found a surge in numbers, except for the 11 core CPU-based mostly processors, which are a lot more of a specialty configuration.