Hong Kong’s Minisforum has introduced the Elitemini B550. The firm announced the product or service on Twitter right now, well prepared an overview video clip, and released a pre-sale product web page with a configurator – such as US pricing. Minisforum sees two important offering details to its AMD Ryzen powered NUC-alike. To begin with, it makes use of socketed AM4 processors, and next, purchasers get an exterior GPU dock to use the ideal graphics playing cards. Even so, there are various much more points of interest and downsides.

The Minisforum Elitemini B550 is a modest and effortlessly transportable Pc in comparison to the Mac Mini and Intel NUC (and many other individuals). It measures 20.859 x 24.088 x 12.813 cm (approximately 8.3 x 9.4 x 5 inches) according to the merchandise pages. Even now, the proportions quoted in the solution video are fairly a little bit scaled-down, a sizable sizing mistake.