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SberTech, a technology arm of Sber, Russia’s biggest bank, has evaluated the Russian-made MCST Elbrus-8C processors in multiple workloads, but the results were utterly disappointing and the processors failed the test. The testers cited “Insufficient memory, slow memory, few cores, low frequency. Functional requirements not been met at all” as key reasons for the failure. However, there is hope, according to SberTech engineers.

Homebrew Hardware…

As part of its ongoing conflict with the Western world following the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the ongoing war against Ukraine, Russia has publicly declared its intention to substitute hardware and software developed in the U.S. and Europe with its domestic technologies. On the hardware side of matters, this meant migrating from x86 AMD’s Epyc and Intel’s Xeon Scalable platforms to its homegrown CPUs, such as MCST’s Elbrus processors based on a proprietary VLIW-like architecture, as well as Baikal Electronics’ Arm-based SoCs.