Thanks to Comptoir Hardware, we have our to start with search at efficiency benchmarks for Intel’s Main i5-12400F 6-core, 6-threaded processor which could possibly vie to develop into a person of the best CPUs for gaming. Comptior Hardware managed to seize an engineering sample of the processor and run it by a suite of gaming and artificial benchmarks. In accordance to the assessment, gaming general performance is neck and neck with Intel’s earlier-era 11900K flagship CPU and Ryzen 7 5800X.

The Core i5-12400F is a person of Intel’s most exceptional Alder Lake CPUs to day it attributes six performance cores though disabling or deleting all performance cores. Comptior notes that its engineering sample appears to have the identical die as the 12600K, 12700K, and 12900K. But to anticipate a new die on the formal design that bodily lacks effectiveness cores.