Back in 2002, if you were a hip Personal computer gamer you had been most likely enjoying Grand Theft Car Vice City on your model new ATI Radeon R300 graphics card and listening to Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8r Boi.” Now that sk8r boi is possibly a sk8r grandpa, the R300 is having a new driver with a extensive-awaited bug resolve.

In accordance to Phoronix, the ATI Radeon R300, R400, and R500 graphics playing cards are getting a new open-supply graphics driver less than Linux that will breathe added lifestyle into these around 20-yr-previous GPUs. The new open up-resource driver is made by developer Emma Anholt, and is made to give these GPUs the means to ask for NIR shaders from the Mesa 3D graphics library’s state tracker and use the NIR to TGSI path.