A truckload of EVGA branded graphics playing cards noted stolen last October has seemingly surfaced on the other facet of the entire world. The GeForce card shipment was initially swiped on its route from San Francisco to Southern California, but has now reportedly surfaced a very long way from its meant spot – in Vietnam. The Vietnamese Gaming Drama Facebook group posted that a consumer experienced proof that the stolen merchandise were becoming resold at retail (hat tip to VideoCardz for spotting it).

Cong Nguyen PC store advert

Fb advert for what are assumed to be the stolen EVGA graphics playing cards (Impression credit rating: Cong Nguyen Pc store)

In the wake of the shipment heist last 12 months, EVGA confirmed that the truck contained containers comprehensive of graphics cards spanning the GeForce RTX 30-collection product line with MSRPs in between $329.99 and $1,959.99 per device.