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The arrival of DDR5 opens the door to higher levels of performance, but early production pains have led to shortages and scalper-level pricing. That said, DDR5 pricing will eventually fall to something resembling a sane amount, and when that happens, you’ll need to determine if it’s worth it to step up to one of the best RAM kits available. Of course, you also have to determine if there’s a big enough performance gain to justify the upgrade. 

DDR5 comes with many promises, but one of its biggest selling points is the higher level of bandwidth it can feed to processors with tons of cores. Memory bandwidth has become increasingly important as today’s modern chips can reach up to 16 cores for mainstream PCs, but it’s common sense that new hardware can struggle compared to hardware that has had enough time to mature. For instance, first-gen DDR4 couldn’t compete with the best DDR3 back in the day, and many wonder if history will repeat itself with DDR5.