According to a recent report from Bitcoin Press, the new Raptoreum (RTM) crypto has the potential to create a shortage of AMD Ryzen processors if more than enough cryptocurrency miners leap on the bandwagon. Not like other cryptocurrencies that you can mine with graphics playing cards or ASICs, Raptoreum favors processors, specially individuals with enormous caches, these as Ryzen, Threadripper or Epyc chips from AMD that are likely to rank higher on our record of CPU benchmarks and ideal CPUs for gaming.

Owning been in testnet for three decades, Raptoreum launched previously this yr. It’s based on the Evidence-Of-Work (PoW) design and the GhostRider algorithm. The latter combines the x16r and CryptoNight algorithms present in Ravencoin and Monero or Bytecoin, respectively. GhostRider likes L3 cache, specifically the huge ones, and that’s an location in which Ryzen chips excel.