Whether or not its 1 of these ubiquitous minimal OLED shows or a proper Liquid crystal display panel, at the time you have obtained anything a little bit extra capable than the common 16×2 character Lcd wired up to your microcontroller, there’s an exceptional chance you’ll want to get started displaying some proper photos. Generally talking that implies you are going to be doing the job with bitmap documents, but as you may hope when pushing a decades-outdated file structure into an software it was in no way intended for, points can get a little messy. Which is why [gfcwfzkm] has created the Transportable Graphic File (PIF) structure.

This small-overhead picture format is intended specially for microcontrollers, and can be decoded on units with at least 60 bytes of no cost RAM. Visuals stored with PIF not only need less computational resources to method, but equally significant, get up a lot less room on flash. The structure supports the two color and monochrome photographs, and the GitHub repo even contains a graphical Python 3.10 software that allows you convert your photographs to possibly .pif files or a .h header file for embedding straight into your C code.

[gfcwfzkm] has furnished some resource code to exhibit you how to get the PIF library up and functioning, but as of the time of this creating, there isn’t any example code for making use of PIF inside of the Arduino natural environment. Which is no massive deal for the outdated hands in the viewers, but we’re interested in seeing how the community can make use of this file structure once it’s out there in a bit additional novice-helpful deal. It is a single of the closing unchecked items on the todo listing though, so it shouldn’t be long now.

Of program absolutely nothing is mistaken with using bitmaps to show pictures in your microcontroller tasks, and there’s a selected gain to fiddling all-around with the very well-known image format. But if a new file sort is all it requires to pace up obtain occasions and cram a couple extra visuals on to the chip, we’re absolutely completely ready to up grade.