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No doubt this was the weirdest and, in many ways, saddest CES ever. Where, in 2021, the event was all virtual, this year the convention went forward in person, but most of the companies we met with stayed home due to COVID concerns, as did we. And some companies that normally release products during CES chose to save all their announcements for later in the year, leaving this show with less news than usual.

However, in a slow year, there was even more room for the few truly innovative products to shine through. From an exciting new lineup of Intel CPUs to a leather-clad ThinkPad and a huge, wildly curved Samsung 4K display, these are the best products of CES 2022.

Best CPU: Intel’s New Alder Lake Processors

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Intel famously lost the performance lead to AMD’s Ryzen processors after dominating the market for more than a decade, but the company looks to change that with its new bare-knuckle approach to pricing. At CES 2022, Intel expanded its Alder Lake family with 50 new models for desktop PC and laptops as it brings its entire portfolio under the umbrella of its new hybrid architecture.